Professional Renovation Services for Residences

A complete construction company in San Francisco caters to the diverse construction needs of both the residential houses and commercial buildings. Existing homes require renovation or remodeling services that enhance the look of your home. With recent updates in technology, living space interiors, and luxury living, there is an increase in the construction needs. Households want to remodel or renovate their homes with new interiors and repairs such as additions in kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry, countertops, outdoor living spaces, wall removals, foundation repairs, etc.

To make your house look attractive and appealing, hire the best construction company based on San Francisco offering both preventive and predictive maintenance services, non-recurring repairs, complimentary services, plumbing services, flooring repairs, etc.

Preventative services vs. replacement services

To ensure effective property management, regular or scheduled maintenance is imperative. Preventive maintenance means when the owner of the property is pre-emptive and books precautionary maintenance services to avoid damage or loss of property. Exterior and painting services, sidewalk replacement, pavement replacements, replacement of countertops, remodeling of cabinets, etc. are preventative services rendered by construction companies.

Hardscape services such as fountains, fireplaces, retaining walls, patios, etc. enhance the aesthetic appeal of your houses and commercial premises. The hardscape services focus on outdoor attractive appeal with appropriate lights, turns, stairs, pillars, etc. Hardscape lighting adds an extra appeal to your house. At nights, hardscape lighting provides sufficient light to your garden area or patio or driveway that deserves extra attention. The professional engineers and contractors ensure to install these hardscapes with ultimate diligence and care.